Nothing will make my eyes roll into the back of my head faster, than when a new female client tells me she doesn't want to lift weights because it will make her bulky. GAAAAAAAHHHH!! I have to nicely tell her she's wrong. Lifting weights will make you look and feel sexy AF.  For a woman to grow the kind of muscle mass it would take to be "bulky" she'll have to eat twice as many calories a day and spend hours at the gym.

Now I'm not pointing fingers, cough cough Tracey Anderson, but there are a few women in this industry that believe no woman should lift anything heavier than 5lbs. They say things like you'll create "bulkier muscle lines" "muscle doesn't age well"  I'm sorry what?? I'd like to point out that Miss Anderson once said baby food is a reasonable dietary supplement/meal replacement so perhaps she's not the best source of fitness advice. Anyway I'm not here to bad mouth Tracey Anderson, I like to keep my posts positive and under 1000 words (shade). I do however want to discuss why women should lift weights.

Thanks to a lot of negative stereotypes about women and weightlifting the gym is often split, you'll see guys by the weight racks and women by the cardio machines.  This is in part due to those stereotypes but also because some women are intimated to get amongst the guys.  I totally get that but once you start to feel comfortable in the weight room you'll get a huge sense of empowerment inside and outside the gym, you'll think yourself silly for feeling like you shouldn't have been there. Your membership costs the same as theres you have every right to be anywhere in the gym, except the rooms marked employees only stay out of there. Ok so what are the benefits for women?


There are many reasons to lift weights but the best one is you'll reach your goals faster lifting weights than just by doing cardio alone. If that's not a good enough reason I don't know what is. If your goal is fat loss its superior to cardio. Your body uses more oxygen post workout when you lift weights and this sometimes can last days, this is called after burn. The more oxygen you use the more calories you burn, so your body is working hard even if you're not at the gym. BONUS!! Then the muscle you develop will start to burn calories more effectively.  After burn is the fitness gift that keeps on giving, cardio doesn't offer that.  For the record lifting weights isn't just about fat loss, maybe thats not your goal. Resistance training can help with those curves too, by lifting weights you're building a strong foundation. All you have to do is look at Ashely Graham or Danielle Brooks IG account to see that these women are killing it at the gym lifting weights getting strong and still have the beautiful bodies that they love.  


You'll sleep better! Our bodies are machines and when you've used it the right way it'll need to power down at night and trust me you'll sleep like a kitten, everyone says sleep like a baby but babies don't sleep kittens do!


Women have the highest rate of heart disease in the U.S studies have shown that women who lift weights are less likely to develop heart disease. Another win.


Unfortunately women are also at risk for Osteoporosis but again studies have shown that weight training can combat bone loss.  I know this first hand to be true as I've had clients with low bone density who've increased it by resistance training.


Had a rough day at work, boss on your back? Go lift something.  The chemical effect exercise has on the mind can sometimes be euphoric.  It can help you see things more clearly and can also improve memory and cognitive function.  So maybe in the morning you'll remember where you put your keys and you'll stop being late.(this is not a guarantee, if you're naturally late you cant be helped)


How about being stronger can make life easier. You can lift that furniture on your own, carry the 4 bags of groceries you just got at Whole Foods, you can go on that big hike, you can play with your kids the list is endless.  I love knowing that I don't usually need someones help when it comes to heavy tasks. I once hung a 100lb full length mirror on the wall by myself and it felt f*&king awesome!

Ladies, ladies its time to step away from the spin class, barre class, TA class just for a little bit and try some resistance training. I swear your body will thank you. Well maybe not at first you'll probably be really sore but with a little time you'll love how you look and feel.